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DDC-41, 2017 The Big Game
     My wife had this crazy idea for a RPG con game.  She floated the idea last year and kept adding details about the game she was saying I should run.  Multiple tables, 3 GMs and 18 players, and three genres.  The genres were Fantasy, Modern Horror and Space Opera.  Me being the supportive husband I said yea, we could do this.        As the months and cons passed we started getting serious about running this monster game. The system we decided on was D&D 5th edition, it is relatively new, and is in high demand.  We figured everyone knew it in some form or another.  I had just acquired a PDF of a modern/sci-fi rules set for 5th edition.  The stars aligned and Dundracon in San Ramon over the Presidents day weekend was the next big local con coming up.      I ran the idea past the Mark, the RPG coordinator and he thought it was a viable game for his convention.  With that we started working on the game.  Writing up the description for the game to go into the …

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