In the Beginning, Gygax Created Dungeons and Dragons

    Hey there People,

     I have been gaming since 1978.  I played board games before that, Monopoly, Clue, Candy Land, even Poker and other games, but in 1978 my older brother Felipe was talking about a new game he had started playing with some of his classmates at Salinas High School. That game was Dungeons and Dragons and I was immediately hooked on a game I had only heard about. I wanted to play but since he didn't have the rules and was only in 6th grade I had to wait months before I got to play.
    Problem was he didn't didn't have the rules and I was obviously too young to play at only 11 years of age and only being in 6th grade.  Still I harassed my brother daily it seemed to start a game with me.  And when he finally photo-copied the rules and made a 20 sided die from wax and paper we began on a journey that has lasted until today.


  1. Hey there. This is the big brother. I thought I would mention that before I created the wax 20-sider, we just used six sided dice using a high/low method and then rolling 1-5 and rerolling the 6 for final number if needed. Yes, it got tedious after a while. Which is one of the reasons why I created the wax die. The other reason is we were a big family and spending money on strange looking dice was not a priority. Heck, we never knew what was an allowance except in the movies.


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